About Us

First, You Should Know

We think you need to know some awesome things about us!

  • We were established 2 years ago; which means we are startups ourselves thus we are best suited to meet your startup needs!
  • We have worked on dozens of websites intended for various purposes - fashion, tech, food, blogs, education, corporate and personal brands
  • We have worked with entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, companies and personal brands.
  • We are 30 agency, a one-stop shop for all your design needs; with us you are getting the total package
hadassah designs

Our focus is on Personal Brands, Entrepreneurs & Small, Medium Scale Businesses.

hadassah desginsWe understand the entrepreneurial vision and our work is channeled to helping you achieve your business goals.
Everyone needs a voice & a platform; Our goal is to give you a beautifully designed platform to display your skills, products and services.


Our design work is far more than just pretty pages that move. Our work process involves;

  • Understanding what your goal is - what exactly are you trying to get from this project?
  • Brainstorming ways to bring it to live
  • Delivering a well designed user interface (logo/website/marketing material) that achieves the set goal

Logo Design

Your Logo is your business' identity!

hadassah designs

Every blog/website/personal brand needs a logo. You need that icon that quickly brings up the memory of you into your customer's mind. Its not enough to just have a logo, you need one worth remembering.

Our logo designers are skilled and learned in the art of logo crafting. We don't throw shapes, colors and text together; we deliver a remarkable user experience that fulfills its purpose.

Website Design

Your website is your wholly owned platform!

hadassah designs

Many entrepreneurs mistake social media is their platform whereas these are just marketing channels. A social media page is not owned by you and can be lost or taken down or hacked unexpectedly; it would be a disaster for that to happen to you.

Investing in a well designed platform is a wise decision. With a website, you can control the narrative - you can sell, offer downloadable materials, share videos & music and collect email addresses for your newsletters etc. the possibilities are limitless!

Marketing Materials

Marketing is everything you do to inform your market that you exist!

hadassah designs

A business that doesn't involve itself in marketing doesn't plan to be in business for long.

There are a myriad of marketing channels but one thing is true of all - a well designed, eye catching design is required!

Whether for an Instagram Ad, Fliers, Posters, Bill Boards, Pamphlets - we are capable of delivering well designed, functional marketing materials that fulfills your marketing objectives.

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