Who we are?

Hadassah Designs is a creative agency focused on entrepreneurs and small businesses; our work is strategic to help you achieve your business goals. Our goal is to give you a beautifully designed platform to display your skills, products and services. Our design work goes far more than just pretty pages that move. We start with a goal in mind defining what you want from the project be it a website or a logo; every aspect of our design works together to achieve that singular goal. Our design work is not just pretty; it also works for you. We understand the importance of owning your own platform and that's what we give to you.

See below what makes us special!

  • We get to know your business style, language and purpose then express it beautifully!
  • We give you a platform you can call your own
  • We understand the entrepreneur's budget and work with it

Our Skills

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Marketing Materials

From time to time, you will need greeting cards, fliers, posters and other such promotional materials. We can beautifully and elegantly convey your message without distractions.

Logo Design

Your logo is your visual identity. It has to be intelligently designed to convey certain feelings, thoughts and emotions in your target market; all the while remaining beautiful and functional. We work to understand you and translate your message into beautiful imagery.

Website Design

We understand that websites are the No. 1 online location and that you need a functional, beautiful one. Our job is to bring your entire business into the webspace.

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Other Service Offerings


We teach and train website design skills to interested parties. Are you looking to learn a new skill or do you want sharpen that of your staff. We provide focused and general website design training from basic to advanced stages.

Hosting Packages

Your website needs a home; that is what hosting is to your website. Registering with a fast, secure and reliable hosting is as key to your website success as the website itself. We are knowledgeable about all things website and we can help choose and purchase the perfect hosting for your website needs.

Domain Registration

Your domain (www.mydomain.com) is your address on the Internet. Do you have one? Our services include helping you obtain a catchy and clear domain name to represent you online!

Website Audit

We can look over your existing websites to determine what’s working and what’s not working. If you feel your website isn’t working for you, lets check it out!


Words are as important as imagery when it comes to presenting your brand. We can craft winning sales taglines and do a write-up for your entire websites