We Create Digital Products for startups and established businesses

We provide online solutions for startups and established businesses

We help you establish, grow and maintain your business

Hadassah Designs is here for your success!

We bring ideas to life through intelligent design

We love startups and enjoy working with small and established businesses. We understand the entrepreneurial vision and our work is focused on helping you achieve your business goals.
We create high performance websites in line with stated & identified business goals, that deliver effective user experiences on every user interface for businesses, creatives, fashion brands, life coaches, professionals, religious and educational agencies etc.
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Founded in 2013 from an entreprenuer's need for a website to project her services and connect to the global market. Her search was met with mediocre designers with a careless attitude; spurring the desire to create a design company that cares and delivers. Through the years, HD has consistently built expertise, attracted talent and delivered reliable and effective website. Our strong reputation is one you can bank on!

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Our Process

Impressionable websites that deliver on set goals is our forte. It's more than just pretty pages that move. We understand your goals and deliver them!
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    Our design process begins with a clear understanding of your business, the industry you play in, your set goals and business strategy. This stage enables us put ourselves in your shoes, translating into a good design fit.

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    Leveraging on our understanding, we develop the UX strategy, test and refine it based on solid customer research and real life testing. We then intelligently create a design that effectively meets set goals; blowing the competition out of the water.

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    As Ken Blanchard says ``Feedback is the breakfast of champions`` and we love breakfast. We bring you into the design process, carrying you along and getting your input as we go along.

Our goal is to give you a beautifully designed platform to display your skills, products and services.

We remain by your side, growing with you and ensuring you stay on point achieving your goals.

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