You Should Know a Few Things About Us

We bring ideas to life through intelligent design

We create high performance websites that deliver effective user experiences as well as purpose fulfilment for creatives, fashion brands, life coaches, professionals, religious and educational agencies.

We believe in creating attractive websites through intelligent design through UX best practices.


We are a boutique website design company focused on Personal Brands, Entrepreneurs & Small, Medium Scale Businesses.

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[container][title_block heading_style=”h1″ heading=”Our Services” small_desc=”We understand the entrepreneurial vision and our work is channelled to helping you achieve your business goals. “]
[services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”Website Design” txt_desc=”We bring your business goals to life through intelligent design.” icon=”ion-power”][services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”TRAINING” txt_desc=”We provide focused and general website design training to individuals and corporates from basic to advanced stages.” icon=”ion-easel”]
[services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”E-Commerce” txt_desc=”What are you doing online if not selling, we design beautiful and engaging ecommerce websites” icon=”ion-ios-cart”][services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”UI/UX AUDIT” txt_desc=”We review websites, perform UX/UI testing and recommend next steps to achieving your business goals through your website” icon=”ion-ios-contact”]
[services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”Website Maintenance” txt_desc=”Have a good website isn’t enough. We take care your website, keeping it up to date and away from harm.” icon=”ion-hammer”][services_box style=”light-gray-bg” heading=”COPYWRITING” txt_desc=”We can craft winning sales taglines and do a write-up for your entire website.” icon=”ion-ios-book”]

Everyone needs a voice, a platform.

Our goal is to give you a beautifully designed platform to display your skills, products and services.

hadassah desgins

Our design work is far more than pretty pages that move.

Our design process involves;

  1. Understanding you, your business, your clients and your goals.
  2. Develop the UX strategy, test and refine it based on solid customer research and real life testing.
  3. Intelligently design a website that delivers on design and effectively mets set goals; blowing the competition out of the water.

We remain by your side, growing with you and ensuring you stay on point achieving your goals.