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How to add your domain email address to Gmail

By designs

Hello, today we are going to show you how to add your domain email address to Gmail in very easy steps. Your website is up and ready, we’ve set up your email account but you can’t seem to access it plus Webmail is buggy and unpleasant to visit or use…

How to add Email Signature in Webmail

By Omotayo Adeoye

Adding an email signature to your emails is one of the few key things to do to improve your brand perception. Your email signature is very important and it forms part of your corporate identity. Sending an email without an email signature is tantamount to sending a message to your clients without…

Why You Need a Blog in 2019

By Omotayo Adeoye

Hello HD people, This is the first post on our website blog, and we are pumped about it. I was responding to an inquiry some days back and whilst taking note of the client’s requirements for their business website, the inquirer said she doesn’t think she needs a blog yet…

Website Training

By designs

Looking for another source of income? Want to learn how to manage your own website? Want to learn how to design and run your blog? Hadassah Designs offers premier website design training in Lagos Nigeria! Our training curriculum includes; //include content from the training powerpoint// There are a million how-to…