Website Maintenance

We ensure your website stays up and up to date!

Don't leave your website uncared for...stuff break!

Having a beautiful website isn’t the end. Your website left unmanaged is open to hackers, being outdated, slow loading times and other unforeseen issues. Website maintenance is a truly invaluable add-on to your website. Our Website maintenance package consists of managing your WordPress site by taking care of the tiny details while you enjoy uninterrupted awesomeness benefits.
Website Backups

Website hosting providers mess up from time to time but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With frequent and reliable backups, your website is safe come what may.

Software Updates

Regular updates of wordpress framework, themes and plugins are essential for the security and well being of your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Money & time are wasted when your site is down. We monitor your website and alert you immediately if and when it goes down.

Small Fixes

We handle small updates to website content and fix small errors and breaks on the website

Service Package

Because we want you to have the best, we have just 1 website maintenance service package
Mega Website Maintenance
Weekly backup of entire website
Weekly backup of databases
Malware scans weekly
Daily plugin and theme updates
Monthly site reviews
Uptime monitoring