Is your Website Working for you? Website Audit3 min read

As a business, your website is the first impression to the general public and your customers. It’s the place customers get to see when they google your business and want to check out your products and services.

Your website should attract potential customers, present important information about your products/services, guide them to a sale and retain them.

If your website isn’t doing the above, there is something wrong and you need a website audit.

In this ever-changing world of technological trends and algorithms, every business needs to perform a website audit every year to stay ahead and consistently deliver value.

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a full analysis of everything related to your website; including it’s search visibility, usability, sales conversion etc. Depending on your business needs, your website audit can be simple or high level.

A good website audit should cover the following;

Overall look and feel of the website

  1. Taking an objective view of your website, how does your website look generally?
  2. Identify 3 of your competitors who are in the same business with you, targeting the same audience and compare their website with yours?
  3. Does your website follow a distinct color scheme?
  4. How many fonts are used on your website?
  5. How does your website look on a phone or tablet or desktop?
  6. Is the page responsive and font easy to read?
  7. Visit your website from a smartphone or tablet – how does it look?
  8. Is the text readable and button distinct?
  9. Can you easily access the menu and other items?

Links and navigation

  1. Does your website have a sitemap? Is the sitemap on the homepage?
  2. Has your website been indexed on google?
  3. How are your website pages linked to one another?
  4. Is the navigation easy to follow by website visitors?
  5. How many items are on your menu bar?
  6. Are the main items displayed directly on your menu bar?
  7. Are your products/services clearly displayed on the homepage?

SEO & Marketing

  1. How much traffic is your website getting?
  2. How many customers are you getting from your website?
  3. What page does your website rank on?
  4. How much sales are able to make from your website?
  5. What role does your website play in your marketing and revenue generation?

Website Speed and Security

“The requirement for computer response time should be no longer than 400 milliseconds.”

  1. How long does it take for your website to load completely?
  2. Run a test on to see the breakdown of your website and see what’s taking up the most data
  3. Does your website have a current SSL certificate?
  4. How much spam email/comments do you receive on your website?

How to do a Website Audit

There are 3 ways to go about the SEO Audit;

  • Do It Yourself – If you are tech savvy and have some good hours to spend, you can choose to do it yourself as long as you are objective and don’t get overwhelmed. Because our goal is to support you, we have designed a comprehensive website audit tool for this purpose, simply sign up to our mailing list to get it for free.


  • Internal team – If you have an internal IT and marketing team, you can assign them to perform an in-depth audit on your website. They can follow the preliminary guide we have offered or also use our total website audit tool, get it here
  • Outsourcing – The best option is to hire professional website designers to perform the audit. This option promises detail, objectivity and value for money. You can hire us to do it at a minimal fee.

We can perform an in-depth audit on your website which involves us running various tests, generating detailed reports and then analyzing them for insights into your website’s health. Based on the results of the audit, we would make recommendations to improve your website and get it to start working for you.

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