How long are the contract terms?

Our usual contract term is for 30 days. If you need a longer time period, please send a mail.

Do you have bulk website maintenance packages?

Yes. We can put together a bespoke website maintenance package specific to your needs. Please send an email. We would also give you bulk discounts!

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You may cancel your contract at any time and receive unearned revenue back.

Can I meet you before awarding you the contract?

While we don’t take physical meetings as we work remotely in various locations around the world, we would be happy to schedule an online meeting through phone or web conferencing to discuss your website needs.

Who can I appoint as contact person?

Someone who has decision making power over the website, able to answer questions in a timely manner.

Will my website show up on the 1st page of google search?

We don’t guarantee that your website would appear on the 1st page in Google search results as SEO is not our core competency. Albeit, all our websites have SEO ability and optimization. 

What happens if I don’t like the design?

You as the client would be fully involved in the design of your website with multiple sign offs on theme, color, website copy etc. We also allow for up to 2 reviews of the website before the contract is over.

Will i have full control of the website when it’s done?

Yes. We don’t take hostages! You would be fully in charge of all your website details once we are done. However we also provide Website Care Services and can help manage your website from Day 1 with you still being in control.

Do you accept credit payment?

No. we don’t accept credit payments and take 50% upfront instalments before work starts on your website.

Do you design custom made websites?

Yes. We develop websites from scratch

Will you be outsourcing any of the work?

No. We have enough capacity in-house to provide all our contractually agreed services.

Will my website be compatible across devices?

Yes. All our websites are fully responsive across various platforms including phones, laptops and tablets. See examples on our Portfolio  Page.

How long will the project take?

Most websites are ready after 3 weeks from when all website content and payment is received. The specific timeline for your design project would be determined once we receive your requirement. Start Today by Requesting a free quote!

Can you work with my in house design team?

We are capable of designing websites that’s in line with your overall design strategy, however we work with 1 constact person per project thus the inhouse design team would need to put together their ideas and communicate it to us through the contact person.

Can you help me get images for my website?

Yes. We can assist with sourcing for pictures for use on your website. However responsibility over the images used lies entirely with you. 

Do I get discounts for referring clients to you?

Yes. After we have completed your design work, we apply a 10% to any other project awarded or referred to us by you.

Who would be working on my website?

We designate a team member who is a strategic fit to your website to handle the design project. However, the project would still go through appropriate review channels within our organization. It’s a team effort! Find out more about how we work

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