Khan Foundation Junior Academy

A tuition free school for children.

Khan Foundation Junior Academy

Tools used

WordPress, Unsplash, Gimp

Basic info

Khan Foundation Junior Academy is a tuition free school for children from economically challenged background. The school needed a website aimed at providing information to its sponsors across the world. We delivered! We hosted the website and designed it on the WordPress CMS. The website clearly displays information about the schools, students, the foundation’s mission & vision etc. We also put together a versatile gallery to display the foundation’s activities.

Services Rendered
  • Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Image Manipulation

We provided our usual full service ranging from branding to hosting to website design. The client provided copy and pictures for the website. We developed the UI strategy and designed a website that met expectations and exceeded it.

Hadassah Designs employs excellent writers who are able to translate your brand message into actionable web content.
1. Deploying an effective brand strategy

We interpreted the company's brand message based on its industry and translated it through images, icons, colors and other web properties.

2. WordPress Website Design

The website was built on WordPress content management service. This was suitable for the client based on their budget and editing needs.

3. Reviews, testing and professional support

After our initial design, the client had minimal comments.

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