Tha Revue

Online movie reviews website

Tha Revue

Tools used

WordPress, Photoshop, Premium Theme, Picasa

Basic info

Tha Revue is a premier movie review website. It features movies of all genre and is gradually becoming a community of ardent movie watchers. The website was formally a Blogger website and had highly limited features. Our work entails migrating the website unto the WordPress platform, incorporating a specialized theme to serve the website’s unique needs. We also include certain custom features such as a comment section.

Projects Features
  • Website Design
  • Movie review system
  • Premium Theme deployment
  • Migration from Blogger to WordPress

A movie review website has niche like requirements and the client approached us with that challenge. So far, we've been able to meet our client's needs as they come up bringing the website up to world standard. That's the Hadassah Designs effect.

We are excellent in designing specialized websites too!
1. Deploying an effective brand strategy

We interpreted the company's brand message based on its industry and translated it through images, icons, colors and other web properties.

2. WordPress Website Design

The website was built on WordPress content management service. This was suitable for the client based on their budget and editing needs.

3. Reviews, testing and professional support

After our initial design, the client had minimal comments.

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