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Looking for another source of income?

Want to learn how to manage your own website?

Want to learn how to design and run your blog?

Hadassah Designs offers premier website design training in Lagos Nigeria!

Our training curriculum includes;

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There are a million how-to guides for building websites on the Internet free of charge. Why Us?

We have done the work…check our portfolio

We have been tried and tested …//include testimonials//

We are still doing the work….//link to services page//

Join Us!

An inperson training offers you the advantage of

  1. Accountability
  2. Learning at a sustainable pace
  3. Testing as you learn
  4. Asking questions
  5. Solving real life problems

Because we go above and beyond, our website design training also includes

  1. 1 month paid internship with us at Hadassah Designs
  2. Continuous support on your website design endeavours 3 months after course completion (3 months includes 1 month internship)
  3. Marketing guides and industry secrets to set up your own website design business

Website Design – #45,000; 4 weekends (8 classes), snack and drink included

Website Maintenance – #15,000, 1 weekend (2 classes), snack and drink included

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