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Why you should become a blogger in 2019

Hello HD people,

This is the first post on our website blog, and we are pumped about it.

I was responding to an inquiry some days back and whilst taking note of the client’s requirements for their business website, the inquirer said she doesn’t think she needs a blog yet and this prompted this article today.

In 2019 (more than ever) you need a blog irrespective of whether you own a business, are an online seller or just a random joe.

Everyone needs a blog in today’s world.

  1. To control your online presence

    Whether you know it or not, you have an online presence. A simple visit to Google Search would show you that you do. Your social media profiles, pictures from years ago, pictures people tag you on etc. are all online and would come up if someone googles you. Why don’t you want to be on the forefront of that? I know you have control over what you post on your social media profiles and can technically control your presence that way, but you don’t own that platform! This means anyone can defame your character on social media, report you and have you blocked. Someone with the same exact name as you (Yes, they exist) can paint a defaming image of that name and when someone who doesn’t know what you look like, your religious tendencies or sexual preference googles you, are you really in control of what they see?

A blog ranks as a sure-fire identification tool as people can read about you, get to know your thoughts and truly know who you are by interacting with you.

  1. To have a professional online presence

    A number of business schools, tech jobs etc are now requesting applicants to send them videos…. why is this? Because they want to get a feel of your personality before giving you an opportunity. Your LinkedIn profile is not enough, your CV is not enough, and a perfectly written essay isn’t enough.

 A blog is a timestamped collection of pictures, thoughts, videos, whatever you want and can help anyone see who you are, who you’ve been and thus project who you would be if they give you that next big opportunity.

Caught that?

  1. As a personal diary

    With a blog you can record stuff happening to you on a day-to-day or week-by-week or landmark-to-landmark and go back to it to see your progress, growth etc.

Your blog doesn’t have to be a public one, you can set your blog to private and you and only you know the content.

  1. To discover, harness and broadcast your voice 

    You have a voice, you have thoughts, preferences, likes and tastes that no one else has on the earth. Don’t let your uniqueness die with you! Sure, your family and friends know you but who knows if your voice was meant to be heard in continents you have never been and maybe never be? There are stories of people who have gone viral without intending to or even deciding to; they made a mark on the internet (video/article/picture) and the whole world listened.

Take a shot and let’s hear you. What have you learnt in life, in school, in business…come on share!

  1. Connections 

    Google receives about 3.5 billion searches every day. There are people who are searching for material in a subject area you are experienced and knowledgeable in e.g. investment banking or fashion and those people would make awesome connections for you.

 With a blog, you can establish your interest, register your knowledge and connect with a diverse range of people of people from around the world.

I personally run about 4 blogs (sobs) with 2 of them being personal blogs and they have been fun all the way. I have connected with people across the world and discovered many like-minded people and their blogs and it has thoroughly blessed me.

There are many reasons why a blog is important to your personal and career life in 2019. Don’t sleep on this!

We would be sharing details on how to design your own blog soon, you don’t want to miss that.

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